Thursday, 13 December 2018

May Lindstrom Skincare

There is luxury, and then there is luxury. And May Lindstrom Skincare is luxury both in terms of the price point of her well-curated line of products and the decadent, efficacious formulas she uses. I can't quite recall how I first came to know of the brand, but I suspect it might have been through Caroline Hirons talking about the Blue Cocoon balm (which, ironically, is one of just a couple of items by May Lindstrom that I don't own). My love for the products I do have has now created a massive lemming for the Blue Cocoon, which I anticipate adding to my collection very soon indeed.

The four items that I do own are the Problem Solver, the Honey Mud, the Youth Dew, and the Clean Dirt. And I can confidently say that I love three of these four items (sorry, the Clean Dirt).

The Problem Solver
If I were forced to choose my favorite product, the one I would recommend above all others, it would be the Problem Solver, a dry mask (i.e., it comes in powder form and you must mix it with water to form a paste) that truly does solve all problems. It is one of the—if not the—best masks I have ever used to help clear up my skin from breakouts or clogged pores. It also leaves my skin brighter, helps fade hyperpigmentation, heals inflammation and stimulates collagen production. In short, if I am having a bad skin day/week, this helps make it better. Every time. It also smells of Christmas to me (I think I pick up on cloves?) If you are averse to scents, you might have to avoid this one. But trust me, it is worth trying out. My favorite was to use it now is to mix it with an essence, instead of plain water, for an added boost. At $100 for 250g of product, it's not cheap--but as a dry mask, you will get so, so many uses out of it before needed to repurchase (and it won't go off in the meantime).

The Honey Mud
The Youth Dew

In second place is a tie between the Honey Mud and the Youth Dew. The Youth Dew is a facial oil that promises glow, hydration, and skin-boosting vitamins through a cocktail of plant and botanical oils. The smell is wonderful (unsurprisingly, very botanical and spa-like) and it layers beautifully with my other skincare. I've been using this at night, putting it on top of actives (retinols, AHA, BHAs) and wake up to plump, soothed skin without fail. It is $140 for 30ml, but I think I like it better than cult-favorite Vintner's Daughter, which is $185 for the same quantity.

The Honey Mud can be used as either a cleanser or a mask, but I exclusively use it as a mask, since I feel like it would be wasteful to use it as a cleanser that is only on your skin for a matter of tens of seconds. It is a perfect mask to use after something like the Problem Solver, as the honey, clay and oils in the formula plump, soften, and soothe the skin. I do have other honey masks I love; Precious Skin Elixirs Sterling Honey Polish is very similar in both experience and effect, for instance. They are both priced at $90, so it is really a matter of personal preference and/or trial and error to see which you favor.

Saving the Clean Dirt for last, this is the only May Lindstrom product I have tried that I haven't been truly impressed by.  A brightening exfoliating treatment, like the Problem Solver, this is a powder that you mix with water to create a paste. Not meant for daily use, this product is supposed to cleanse with clays, warming spices and restorative salts to remove impurities. It also has Vitamin C for cellular rejuvenation. It might well be me, but I can never get the consistency just right on this and I much prefer the dozens (if not hundreds) of other exfoliators in my collection. But if you are a fan of products such as the Dermologica Microfoliant or Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel, this would probably be right up your alley. At $70 for 200ml, you actually get a lot of product for the price. 

Even Millie is interested
As I mentioned earlier, my next purchase will undoubtedly be the Blue Cocoon. For now, neither of the other two products in the line (the Pendulum Potion, a cleansing oil, or the Jasmine Garden, a face mist) are really piquing my curiosity. But things could always change!

May Lindstrom products can be found at several retailers I often frequent, including Beautylish and the Detox Market. But the best place to pick up anything (in my opinion) is at Integrity Botanicals, which offers trial sizes of the Blue Cocoon, the Honey Mud, and the Youth Dew for purchase AND has sample sizes available with purchases of any products on the site. 

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