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Bite Beauty Multisticks

Bite Beauty Multisticks Almond, Cashew, Blondie, Oyster Pearl

I have been a big fan of Bite Beauty since they launched back in 2012. It's probably the single brand from which I own the most products, from their Luminous Crème Lipsticks to the Lush Fruit Glosses to High Pigment Pencils (back in the day), to their current offerings of the Amuse Bouche Lipsticks, Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipsticks, and Matte Crème Lip Crayons. I've only experienced a few isolated misses from the brand over the years (more about one of those below), which is exceedingly rare in the current beauty market.

Despite my love for the brand, one of the newest products from the line was one that I resisted for a long time: the Multisticks. They are described as "A multistick that applies like a cream and wears like a powder for weightless color application—just apply with your finger or a brush on the eyes, lips, and cheeks." Featuring 20 shades in the line, the shade range is overwhelmingly neutral (with a few pops of color available). 

Bite Beauty Multistick Swatches L to R: Almond, Cashew, Blondie, Oyster Pearl
Bite Beauty Multistick Swatches Left to Right: Almond, Cashew, Blondie, Oyster Pearl
Launched in the second half of 2016, the Multisticks initially failed to entice me. I am normally not one who gravitates to multi-use products, since I find that they are rarely truly multiuse. It wasn't until I went in for a complimentary makeover at Sephora that I discovered their appeal. The makeup artist (I will never be on board with Sephora trying to make referring to their staff as 'cast members' a thing) used the shade Almond mixed with a bit of argan oil to create a beautiful cheek color. So, naturally, I bought it.

And then I saw Blondie being used as an eyeshadow in one of Bite Beauty's social media posts. Which I also had to buy. And somewhere along the line I also acquired a deluxe sample of Cashew. I adore deluxe sample sizes because I rarely use up any color cosmetic product—and I know I'm not the only one.

I currently own 3 of the 20 shades offered in the line, so I haven't gone totally overboard. But I do use and thoroughly enjoy the ones that I do have. And, most surprisingly, they are actually multi-use to a certain extent. I wouldn't use any of the shades I have as lip products (they are too matte, and they both feel and look oddly powdery on the lips; in the photo below I topped Cashew with some of the 8 Faces Boundless Solid Oil), but they are beautiful as both eyeshadows and blushes. Almond is described as a rich mahogany. It is a medium-dark reddish brown that sheers out to a beautiful blush. Cashew, a rose taupe, is a more conventional cheek color, as it has a noticeable pink undertone. Blondie is one I would have never gone for had I not seen it featured in a look I loved. It is described as a nude taupe, but to me it is a warm nutty shade. I love it paired with an eye gloss, like the Bobbi Brown Eye Gloss in Nude.

 Bite Beauty Prismatic Pearl Multistick in Oyster Pearl, the Bite Beauty Multistick in Almond, Bite Beauty Multistick in Cashew
Wearing Bite Beauty Prismatic Pearl Multistick in Oyster Pearl on the eyes, the Bite Beauty Multistick in Almond on the Cheeks and in Cashew on the Lips
In autumn 2017, Bite Beauty expanded the multistick collection and added a range of Prismatic Pearl Multisticks. Unlike the matte originals, these are "A shimmering multistick that brings mesmerizing, pearl-inspired color to the lips, cheeks, or eyes." With 5 shades available, I picked out Oyster Pearl after swatching it in store. A metallic taupe with silver shimmer, I thought this would be stunning on the eyes (admittedly, I never had any intension of using it on the lips or cheeks). 

Oyster Pearl is gorgeous. But it has the worst staying power of virtually any product I've ever tried. Given that I have oily lids, I always use an eyeshadow primer. But with Oyster Pearl, regardless of what I use (NARS, Urban Decay, Too Faced Glitter Glue), it creases within literal minutes. I expect something like an eyegloss to crease. But for a cream product like this to do so so quickly makes it unwearable, for me at least. It also gets glitter everywhere. I wore Oyster Pearl yesterday in a last ditch attempt to try one more time to get it to work and—despite removing my eyemakeup last night and showering—I woke up to a face full of glitter today.  If you have any tips (or have had the same experience as me), please let me know. I'm all ears. 

Based on Oyster Pearl's performance, I will not be going for any of the other Prismatic Pearl shades. But I do firmly stand behind the original Multisticks. Let me know which are your favorites and how you use them. I think the neutral-ness (I realize neutrality is the word I should use here, but that sounds weird in the context of makeup) of the shade range makes it a bit difficult for me to envision how they will look on the face, so suggestions are welcome!

Both the Multisticks and the Prismatic Pearl Multisticks are $24.00 and are available at both Sephora and on the Bite Beauty site, which launched earlier this year.

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