Tuesday, 12 April 2016

H&M Beauty Haul

H&M launched a massive beauty line in late 2015, and everyone in the beauty blogging world has been raving about it ever since. But it wasn't until I recently took a trip to Sophia, Bulgaria that I was able to check out the products for myself. This is the curse of living in a country where there is zero access to any beauty products not made by Revlon, Bourjois, or Pupa Milano.

In any case, knowing that I would be hitting up an H&M while in Sophia I did my research. I had heard universal praise for the Cream Lipsticks. The powder eyeshadows (especially the shade Baci di Dama) and powder blushes also received a lot of positive reviews. Heading into the store, I knew I wanted to check out those products, but I was hoping to find a couple of liquid lipsticks or lip stains, and maybe a cream shadow or two that I could also add to my collection.

Wearing H&M Cream Chestnut on my lips, Brown Sugar on my cheeks, and both Baci di Dama & Mojave on the lids

As you can see from the pics of my haul, I pretty much stuck to the cream lipsticks, the powder blushes, and powder eyeshadows, with the addition of a couple of nail polishes. Ultimately, I wasn't wowed by the color selection for the liquid lipsticks or lip stains. I guess I'm suffering from fatigue of the same old same old 'Kylie Jenner 90's lip color', which seems to be the only thing lines are offering these days. The size of the H&M Beauty line is also a bit overwhelming, so at one point I just decided to grab the items that were in my bag as an initial introduction to the line.

In total, I bought the Cream Lipsticks in the shades Brunette Ambition, Cream Chestnut, and Macaron; the Powder Blushes in Brown Sugar and Cameo Pink; the Powder Eyeshadows in Baci di Dama and Mojave; and the Nail Polishes in Granit d'Oranges and Sedona.

I'm happy to report that I am really pleased with nearly all of the products I picked up. The one dud is the nail polish in Granit d'Oranges, which applies quite streaky and ain't nobody got time for that. Otherwise, the products are of a good quality for the price point (the most expensive items were the lipsticks, at €9.99 a piece). None of the colors are über pigmented, but the powders are finely milled and the lipsticks creamy. And, best of all, application of all of these is a breeze.

Left: Brown Sugar; Right: Cameo Pink
I already raved about my love for the shadow Mojave in my last post, but another favorite is the blush in Brown Sugar. It's a gorgeous warm, slightly peachy nude shade that looks stunning yet effortless on the cheeks. I can see getting a ton of use out of this, particularly as I get a bit of summer color on my skin.

L to R: Cream Lipstick in Brunette Ambition, Cream Chestnut, Macaron; Eyeshadow in Mojave, Baci di Dama;
Blush in Cameo Pink, Brown Sugar
If I had to pick out a third standout product to recommend, it would be the lipstick in Cream Chestnut. This shade manages to hit the sweetspot of not being too brown, nor too warm to suit most skin tones (even my cool/neutral skin). The formula isn't the longest lasting I've ever tried, but it feels comfortable on my lips and is easy to reapply. Adding a lip liner underneath (I've been partial to pairing this with MAC Subculture) lengthens its wear time, if that's a concern for you.

Have you tried out anything from the H&M Beauty line? For the price point, I would definitely be interested in picking up more products in the future, so let me know what your faves are!

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