Monday, 7 September 2015

Colourpop's Mondays in Malibu Collection

I know, I know. I'm approximately 8 million years late on this, but since Colourpop has an excellent sale going on this Labor Day weekend and the Mondays in Malibu collection is still in stock, here we are!

If you don't know, Colourpop is offering $5 off of $40, $10 off of $60, or $20 off of $100 through today (Monday, 7 September). PLUS, the site will let you use these discounts (which don't require a code) along with the code THANKSBABE for an additional $5 off. And, as always, they offer free shipping within the U.S. for orders over $30.

I placed an order on Friday and got the CoffeeBreakwithDani Metamorphosis palette and a few other shadows that I've been wanting for a while. My only regret is that the Forever Freshman collection isn't out yet, because I am in love with a few of those shades and will be ordering as soon as it is released. Check out Young, Wild, & Polished's review & swatches of the two new (as of now, unreleased) Fall 2015 collections (Forever Freshman and Back to Cool).

L to R: Gecko, Mirage, Snakebite, Sand Swoon, Prickly Pear, Hot Tomale
But enough about all of those other collections, because today I want to talk about Mondays in Malibu! Looking at the shades, I can see how they would work during the summer months but I almost see them as working better during the end of summer transition into fall period. I think the color combinations in this collection are really interesting and unexpected. And as always, they offer some of the most beautiful finishes.

I originally lusted after this collection solely due to the shade Prickly Pear. In addition to having a fantastic name (cacti are my spirit animal), I fell head over heels for Prickly Pear's warm plum tones and gorgeous gold and pink glitter.

Top to Bottom: Hot Tamale, Prickly Pear, Sand Swoon, Snakebite, Mirage, Gecko
Prickly Pear is amazing, but I've also unexpectedly been wearing Gecko a lot. Gecko is such a unique colour. It is a greenish silver with a pink duo chrome. The finish is described by Colourpop as 'opalescent' and it really is. After months of loving warm-toned eye looks, I've been wearing a lot of cooler blues and grays lately, and Gecko works beautifully with these looks!

Snakebite and Mirage are both beautiful neutral shadows that can be worn all over the lid with Hot Tamale (or another deep matte brown) in the crease. It's such an easy look to slap on and get out the door. If you are short of ideas on how to combine these shadows, there are approximately 1.2 million YouTube tutorials on this collection to help you get some inspiration.

In terms of Colourpop shadows, I'm normally drawn more to their non-matte shades, primarily because I haven't found a great brush to use with their mattes in the crease. If you have any suggestions, please let me know below. But until then, I'll probably continue to predominantly use their glitter/metallic/pearlized/opalescent/satin shades. But, lesbehonest, all of the Colourpop shades are beautiful.

Swatches taken out of direct light so you can see the colour without the glitter reflections.
Top to Bottom: Hot Tamale, Prickly Pear, Sand Swoon, Snakebite, Mirage, Gecko
If you have been thinking about picking up Mondays in Malibu but haven't done so yet, now is a great time to do it! Or if Mondays in Malibu doesn't tickle your fancy, take a look at their other collections and individual items. I adore their shadows and at the barest possible minimum you need I Heart This. You can check out the swatches of the shades I got in my first Colourpop shadow haul here. The colour selection in their highlighters is also fantastic, and you can see the swatches of the five shades I have here. I'm less enamored of their lippie stix (and blasphemously haven't even tried the Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks) but they do have a good shade range, as well.

Do you have Mondays in Malibu? What colour combos do you wear?

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