Wednesday, 9 September 2015


I was inspired by Joyce over at Bronzer Bunny, who recently posted her Beauty Goals for Fall. Homegirl is always full of brilliant ideas and I thought I would copy her on this one! So, here's a public declaration of my own #BeautyGoals for this upcoming autumn/winter:

Sort Out My Brows
Over the past year I've gone from loving the Suqqu Brow Pen, to loving the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade, to loving the Anastasia Brow Wiz, to hating all three. I am in serious need of finding a brow product that works for me. I need something to fill in a few sparse areas near the tails of my brows and to fill in the front edge of one brow as it's a bit thin. I think I like the concept of the Brow Wiz, but I can't find a color match (too warm or too dark) and I feel like it looks to obvious. I'm thinking maybe I should try a powder next? Please, please for the love of Lily Collins, leave your recommendations below.

Continue to Blog Regularly
I self-justify many (ok, all) of my beauty purchases by saying that it's for a good cause: reviews and swatches on my blog. But too often life sets in and I don't get around to photographing or reviewing the products (meaning they sit unused in a box, because I have a personal policy of not using a product until it has been photographed). My excuses are that my current flat has terrible natural light and my softbox lights have burned out. But I've ordered a new set and will soon have nothing to stand in the way of showing you lots of awkward photos of my face + my latest beauty purchase. I bet you can't wait, eh?

Do Not Neglect Older Products from My Collection
I am constantly buying the latest and greatest product on the market, which means that many once-loved items get forgotten. I haven't quite decided exactly what I want to do to remedy this, but I'm thinking of doing a weekly 'shop my stash' rotation of products to make sure that everything gets some love.

Work on Learning New Techniques
I have a bloody black belt at buying makeup, but I'm only so-so at knowing how to apply it, though. Lately, however, I've been branching out and actually following some of the countless tutorials I watch on YouTube. I've done a few smokey eye looks and other things that are totally outside of my comfort zone, and although I wouldn't say that I've mastered any new techniques yet, I want to continue to learn. If I can someday master a liquid winged eyeliner on my hooded eyes, I will know I have truly made it!

What are your beauty goals? Let me know below! And you can also find me on BloglovinInstagram, and Twitter!

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