Thursday, 4 June 2015

Colourpop Haul: Part 1

I've called this my Colourpop Haul: Part 1 because before I had even gotten my little paws on these 9 shadows, I had placed a second, and eventually third, Colourpop order. My excuse is that since I'm late to the Colourpop party (I don't even think I knew these existed until sometime in March), I'm making up for lost time!

While there seem to be some naysayers in the beauty community (too hard to blend! they dry out fast! down with glitter!), I—for one—am a fan. Colourpop eyeshadows are very affordable (at $5 each, with free shipping for orders $30+) and they offer a lot of beautiful and unique shades.

Top Row L to R: Hanky Panky, Amaze, 3
Middle Row: Bae, Meow, I <3 This
Bottom Row: Sequin, Tea Party, Bill
In my initial order, I chose a line up of 9 mainly neutralish shades: Hanky Panky (matte, mid-tone brown taupe), Amaze (metallic, rose gold), 3 (metallic, cool bronze), Bae (metallic, duochrome eggplant/teal), Meow (metallic, warm purpley silver), I <3 This (metallic, silvery taupe), Sequin (metallic, copper), Tea Party (metallic, silver pink), and Bill (matte, plum beige).

So far I have two favourite combos. Combo 1 is wearing Amaze on the lid, 3 in the outer corner, and I <3 This as an inner corner highlight. Combo 2 is I <3 This on the lid, Meow in the outer corner, and using MakeupGeek Unexpected as a crease color. Both of these combos are highly wearable on an everyday basis.

Hanky Panky
These shadows, which have an infamously unusual texture, can be applied with a synthetic brush, but I find that I'm most happy with the results when I apply with my fingers. The colours come across as more vibrant (and more like the magical, glittery unicorns that they are) when applied with fingers. I always use these over my trusty NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow primer and so far I haven't struggled with fall out or creasing with any of the shades. 

I <3 This
One thing that I find unusual (and confusing) about these shadows is that many of them seem to have slightly different textures. Some are a bit stiffer to the touch, while others are incredibly smushy. All of the shades I have—apart from Bae—apply very smoothly, however, and require minimal skill. Bae is a beautiful colour, but the texture is tricker than the others. It goes patchy if you aren't careful, but if you are willing to put in the effort (and to handle the ridiculousness of the name Bae) the colour is stunning!

Tea Party
Another thing that confuses me is how these shadows can crack (like Tea Party pictured above)? By that I mean that I don't understand how or why a cream/mousse type product can crack. Whatever the explanation, because these can be squished back into their pans, it really doesn't matter if they crack, apart from the aesthetics of the product. I have seen others on the interwebz mention that they've had this same problem, but it's such a minor detail that I'm not worried about it!

L to R: Amaze, 3, Meow, I <3 This

L to R: Bill, Hanky Panky, Sequin, Tea Party, Bae

L to R: Bill, Hanky Panky, Sequin, Tea Party, Bae, Amaze, 3, Meow, I <3 This
 My overall thoughts on the Colourpop eyeshadows are that I absolutely love the glitter/metallic shades. Especially Meow, which has sadly been discontinued (so if you can somehow get your hands on this, I truly would recommend it). I don't know that I would pick up any more of the matte shades, unless it was a super unique colour, as I prefer a more traditional powder matte that I can apply with a brush.

But I have no doubt that I will be picking up more and more of the eyeshadows as they are released. And I will keep you posted if I have any trouble with them drying out (conventional wisdom advises screwing the lids on tightly and storing them upside down). In the meantime, expect reviews and swatches of the Where the Light Is and Mondays in Malibu shadow collections, as well as reviews of some lippie stix, blushes, and highlighters, in the coming weeks!

Have you tried any Colourpop products yet? Do you buy the hype? Let me know belows!

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