Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Why I Went Cruelty Free

A quick disclaimer: The point of this post is to not shame or blame anyone who uses/buys cosmetics from companies who do test on animals. That is a choice that everyone needs to make for themselves and it would be completely impossible in modern life to avoid supporting (through $$$ or €€€ or £££) corporations who engage in unsavoury practices, whether it is testing on animals, exploiting workers, harming the environment, etc. We all make choices about the causes that we want to support and no one is perfect. I certainly am not.

My childhood dog, Danny, who was the sweetest and most affectionate dog ever.
If you didn't fall in love with him instantly, you were dead inside. 
Ok, now that I have stepped down from my soapbox I should explain that earlier this year I decided that I would no longer purchase items from brands who engaged in animal testing on their products. My reasons for making this choice were numerous. I am a pescetarian (meaning that I eat fish and seafood, but not other meat), so the idea of going CF seemed like a natural extension of the many reasons why I don't consume meat. Namely that I adore animals. In particular, I'm a fan of my childhood dog—a rescued cocker spaniel that we had from when I was 5 until about 18—and my 3 rescue kitties. I could not imagine their lives if they faced the sad fate of being kept in cages, deprived of human contact and love, and having products tested on them every day of their lives. To me, beauty is not worth the cruel treatment of animals.

My current #1 girl, Maleficent aka Millie (aka Plumpy Nut)
In setting the boundaries of my own personal 'rules' for going Cruelty Free, I decided that any item that I had already bought would be fair game to use, however, which is why I still have a lot of non-Cruelty Free (CF) products on my blog. Additionally, I've decided that for me personally, I'm ok with buying items from a brand that doesn't do animal testing, even if their parent company does. For example, I won't buy a Shiseido product, but I would buy something by NARS. Maybe someday that will change, but for now, that's where I stand.

Count Oliver von Pickles, also known as Pickle Face
Anyways,  an added bonus of choosing to be CF in 2015 is that there are a huge range of beauty and skincare brands that are cruelty free. If you associate CF products with substandard quality, you could not be more wrong. Over the past ten or so years, the number of organic, cruelty free, and luxurious brands has proliferated.

My newest kitten addition, Rabbie. This little bear is a monster, but I'm grateful to have
rescued him from the streets nonetheless. Let's hope he grows out of his demon phase.
That's not to say it is always easy to stick to my guns. I've waved goodbye to my beloved YSL, Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, Guerlain, Giorgio Armani, etc. And I've not been perfect--I just used up the last of my holy grail Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and I caved during the recent Sephora sale and bought a replacement. I do feel guilty, but I'm also human (and I'm not living in a place where I can test out new CF foundations).

But one huge bonus of my new Cruelty Free status is that it is a fantastic excuse to try out some new brands. Currently at the top of my list are:

Kjaer Weis: side note—I ordered the Radiance Highlighter recently and will be reviewing it soon! Maeve over at Lilting Grace has made me want all of the Kjaer Weis, though, so I'm sure more purchases will be happening in the near future

Wayne Goss: Goss's brushes, available on Beautylish, are made from real hair. But they are certified cruelty free. I've ordered 2 eyebrushes so far, and I'm super excited to review them soon.

Ilia Beauty:  I've got my eye on their lipstick in Pink Moon. It is a gorgeous shade and the formula looks like it is super creamy and super opaque!

For those interested, I normally check whether a brand is cruelty free on their own website or on one of the following:

Have you ever considered going cruelty free or are you currently cruelty free? Please share your thoughts and experiences below! And head to BloglovinInstagram, and Twitter to follow me!

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