Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Where I've Been + What I've Been Doing

I instagramed this the other day as a clue of where I moved to...
it's the most famous landmark in my current city's been over 7 months since I put up a new blogpost. In my defense, during that 7 months I moved to a new continent, started a new job, and have managed to visit 7 different countries. I've always viewed my blog as a creative outlet (and an excuse to buy things) and I had good intentions of continuing to post regularly in my new home. But as I live in a developing country where it is difficult--if not impossible--to get ahold of cosmetics, skincare, or even fashion and accessories. Plus, I needed a break from my own consumerism.

One of many ski trips I've taken this year
Thus, I put blogging on hold and focused on using up the products that I brought with me, rather than always feeling the need to buy the latest release. It was much easier than I had anticipated, aided by the fact that I largely avoided reading blogs and watching youtube videos. I used up a lot of products, discovered things I couldn't live without, and focused on other areas of my life. The past few months have also really reinforced a fact that I've always known to be true, but had a hard time committing to: spending your time and money on experiences, rather than things, will make you much happier. In recent months I've been skiing more times than I would care to admit, I've been hiking in some beautiful locations, I've gotten lost while hiking (although, according to my dude "we weren't lost--I always knew where north was"), I've been training for a half marathon, I've adopted another kitten, and I've met some amazing people that are not only fun to dine and drink with, but are intelligent, witty, supportive, and fun.

My most recent kitten addition (he is no longer this tiny, unfortunately):
Special Agent Rabbie Marmalade Scrufflebum, aka Little Bear
But with all of that said, I am a materialistic makeup and beauty lover at heart. And I have missed the process of writing my insignificant and trivial blogposts, which are a delightful alternative to the serious and frustrating professional work I engage with on a daily basis. So, with many spring sales looming, I've placed some beauty, clothing, and accessories orders--and I'm eagerly plotting my cart for the upcoming Sephora Chic Week sale. But the eternal question looms: "If you buy something, but don't blog/tweet/instagram about it, did you really buy it?"
Some (but embarrassingly not all) of my planned haulage during the upcoming Sephora sale
Thus, I'm also gearing up to get back into the swing of blogging. But since I am still trying to be less materialistic/consumer-y and focus more on living and enjoying life, I plan on broadening the scope of this here little blog. Perhaps I'll talk more about the travelling that I'm doing, or other lifestyle things. Who knows?! But whatever I end up doing, I hope it's more consistent and that it remains interesting/enjoyable.

So, for those who have read my blog in the past: hello again! And for those who may be stumbling over here for the first time: welcome! And head over to BloglovinInstagram, and Twitter to follow me!

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