Sunday, 12 April 2015

Spring Beauty Edit

One week ago it was snowing, but I am more than pleased to report that it reached a balmy and beautiful 20° (70°ish Farenheit) yesterday! To celebrate, I spent a few hours in the sunshine and indulged in a bit of gelato. I also dug out these 6 products that are perfect for the spring weather! I don't hugely follow seasonal trends with my makeup, but like most I favour a fresh and dewy look in the spring. And all of these items do just that! So, if you are looking to revamp your look for spring, I suggest digging through your stash to see if you have any of these (or placing an order during Sephora's current Chic Week sale).

NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Alhambra: Described as a 'metallic rose mist/golden champagne' duo, these shadows impart a refined shimmer to the lids (avoiding the chunky glitter that plague some of NARS's other shadows, like Silk Road). The shades work beautifully together for a fresh daytime look. Available at Sephora for $35.

Dior Fluid Stick in 373 Rieuse: When the Dior Fluid Sticks were released last year (or was it in 2013?), everyone seemed to be raving about how wonderful the formula and shades were! Recently I haven't heard many people speaking about them, so the buzz seems to have faded. Nonetheless, the Fluid Sticks offer a great pigmented formula that is easy to wear and comfortable on the lips. Rieuse is my top pick for spring--it is a warm pink with a hint of coral. It's one of the few corals I feel like I can actually pull off, so if you face similar struggles give this one a look. Available at Sephora for $35.

Bourjois CC Cream: I've never been a fan of tinted moisturizers (nor BB/CC/DD creams for that matter) but when the weather is warm and I'm having a good skin day I do look for something with lighter coverage. The Bourjois CC Cream is easy to apply, provides just enough coverage, and is reasonably priced. The shade range is quite limited, but if you have a match, it's a good one! Plus I find that over a primer it lasts all day even on my super oily skin. I ordered mine from ASOS for $18.

Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Color in PK304 Carnation: I never understand why Shiseido is so constantly overlooked by bloggers and beauty obsessives, alike. I recognize that it's not the most exciting brand on the planet, but products like this one are simply stunning. This blush applies like a dream (and that is coming from a woman who increasingly detests powder blushes). And it truly does impart a luminous finish to the skin without containing any visible glitter/sparkles/shimmer/etc. I'm not sure how the luminosity is achieved (magic, surely) but if you want gorgeous pink cheeks, this is the blush you should look at! Available at Sephora for $30.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in 62 Monte Carlo: The Rouge Coco Shine formula isn't everyone's favourite, but I was inspired to pick up this shade after seeing Lily Pebbles wear it in one of her videos. Monte Carlo is a warm watermelon pinky-red and it has become a go-to lipstick that I can throw in my bag and use for touch ups throughout the day when I want a colour that will liven up my complexion, but is still subtle and natural looking. Available at Macy's for $36.

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush in Cherub: If I had to choose only 1 product from this list as my absolute favourite, it would hands down be this one. I've raved about it before but I couldn't include a spring makeup list without it! Cherub is probably the most foolproof blush I own (don't let the liquid formula put you off...use one drop and a stippling brush, and you're good to go). It blends in so effortlessly with the skin and lasts all. day. long. You need this in your life. Trust me. Available at FeelUnique for around $20 (and check RetailMeNot for the discount codes that FeelUnique frequently offers).

What products can you not live without in the spring? Let me know below! And head to BloglovinInstagram, and Twitter to follow me!

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