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Givenchy Extravagancia Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

I recently picked up two items from Givenchy's Fall 2014 Collection: a Le Rouge Intense in 315 Framboise Velours and the Blush Mémoire de Forme Pop Up Jelly Blush in Rose Extravagant. All of the Givenchy Fall Collection, including these two items, are limited edition--so get thee to ordering, if you're interested. I purchased mine through Sephora. Barney's also carries Givenchy Beauty, but none of the fall collection is available on their website at the moment.

Wearing 315 Framboise Velours
Given my well-documented love of the Le Rouge lipsticks, I knew I was going to pick up one of the two shades released for fall. I decided on Framboise Velours because I have a deep love for any and all raspberry shades! I'm quite glad I chose Framboise Velours, because the other new shade (207 Rose Plumetis) is apparently very similar to 105 Brun Vintage, which thanks to this post by the beautiful Izzie (in which she is wearing Brun Vintage) is next on my 'to-buy' list.

Givenchy Le Rouge Intense in 315 Framboise Velours
As I have come to expect of Givenchy, the pigmentation and packaging of Framboise Velours is stunning. The formula itself is by far the creamiest of the four Le Rouges I own (I have two from the standard Le Rouge line and two from the Le Rouge Intense line). It verges on almost being too creamy in the sense that it is more difficult than I would like to get a precise line with this lipstick. Considering it is such a deep shade, a precise lip line is vital and I believe I am going to have to find a lip liner to make this bad boy more wearable.

L to R: Givenchy Framboise Velours, Bite Beauty Framboise
I am happy to find a lip liner to make this work as this shade is gorgeous! I've swatched it above next to the Bite Beauty Matte Crème Lip Crayon in Framboise, which I recently reviewed here. The Givenchy is a deeper shade with a stronger purple undertone, but unlike many deep berries (which I find can drain the color out of the face) this has enough pink in it to keep it bright and wearable. I haven't tried it blotted down as a stain yet, but I imagine it would be excellent worn that way, as well!

The second product I picked up from the Givenchy Fall Collection is the exhaustingly long-named Blush Memoire de Forme Pop Up Jelly Blush in the shade Rose Extravagant. At the moment this is the only shade available in this formula, but perhaps Givenchy will release more in the future! A huge part of the reason that I wanted this blush was the texture. Based on promo pictures, I assumed the Pop Up Jelly Blush would be quite similar to the Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelées, which I talked about here. But rather than being firm and truly jelly-like as the Josie Maran Gelées are, the Pop Up Jelly Blush seems to be closer to a gel/mousse hybrid. It is much more liquidy and is soft to the touch. You could easily get away with using your fingers to apply the Givenchy blush, but I've been using my trusty stippling blush.
Givenchy Blush Memoire de Forme Pop Up Jelly Blush in Rose Extravagant: swatched heavily on the left, blended out on the right
A little goes a long way with this blush, which I learned the hard way when I first applied it. I ended up with enough blush to cover my entire face, rather than just my cheeks. The blush has good pigmentation, but the formula is semi-sheer. I am a bit surprised that this was released as part of a fall collection, as the color and formula scream spring/summer to me, rather than fall/winter. It has a light floral fragrance, but I honestly didn't even notice this the first few times I wore the blush. It was only once I read that it had a fragrance and deliberately sniffed the pot that I noticed the scent. If scented products are an absolute deal breaker for you, this is not for you. But it's not overpowering at all, so those who can handle subtle scents might quite enjoy this.

There is no shimmer or glitter in this blush at all, but the sheer formulation allows your skin's natural radiance to come through. I quite like the fresh and natural look that this blush gives, but for me it isn't an absolute 'must have'. The color and texture aren't hugely unique, so you may already have something similar in your collection. But Givenchy devotees such as myself may want to grab it, especially as it is limited edition.

The beautiful and all-around amazing Louise at Lilting Grace has reviewed the Givenchy Harmonie Extravagancia Lip and Eye Palette that was released as part of the fall collection. Head over there to see her review and the gorgeous look she created with it (along with her other kick ass posts!)

The Le Rouge Intense Lipstick in Framboise Velours is available for $36 at Sephora. The Blush Memoire de Forme Pop Up Jelly Blush is available for $37, also at Sephora.

Do you think you'll be picking up anything from the Givenchy Fall Collection? Which fall collections are you waiting for?

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