Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Dior Fluid Stick in 669 Rose Tricheuse

Dior launched their line of Fluid Sticks, highly pigmented lipstick/gloss hybrids, earlier this year. After getting a number of samples of the Fluid Sticks, I knew that I liked the formula (I reviewed it, along with a bunch of other lipstick/gloss hybrids here) but none of the shades in the range stood out to me. Undoubtedly, there were a number of gorgeous shades, but none of these felt unique enough to warrant purchasing. The only exception to this was the shade 872 Mona Lisette, which was--until recently--exclusive to the UK. I blame my massive lemming for Mona Lisette on Kate at Drivel About Frivol. She has the most impeccable taste and the best eye for color of any blogger I've ever come across, so the second something gets her stamp of approval, onto my wishlist it goes!

Once I saw that the U.S. Dior Fall 2014 Color Icons Collection included Mona Lisette, I knew that I would seize the opportunity to get my hands on it. You might be wondering, therefore, why this blog post is about the shade Rose Tricheuse and not Mona Lisette. In short, it is because I am a fickle, fickle creature. Once I started looking into these two shades, I decided that the orangey rose tones of 669 Rose Tricheuse were more appealing to me than the cool fuchsia tones of Mona Lisette.  I have no doubt that I will eventually grab Mona Lisette, as I am nothing if not excessive, but in the meantime I am super pleased with Rose Tricheuse! 

When swatched or first applied to my lips, Rose Tricheuse is a beautiful warm strawberry shade. On my lips, which turn everything cool, it becomes a deeper rosey berry tone. In terms of formula, the Fluid Sticks are almost like a creamy gel to me. I realize that is a contradiction in terms, but hear me out: they have excellent pigmentation and are high shine, but they feel comfortable and creamy on the lips. They lose a bit of the shine and they do get a bit stickier the longer you wear them, but it's nothing too extreme. And so far, I've had literally zero problem with these feathering on my lips.  These don't have the extreme wear time of the YSL Glossy Stains (I assume this is because they are not a stain, as such), but they last a good couple of hours before I need to top them up. 

While part of me wishes that Rose Tricheuse remained more of a true warm strawberry on my lips, the color I do get is beautiful and highly wearable. The formula is comfortable and easy to wear, and while I would say that I prefer the LancĂ´me Lip Lovers (like this one reviewed here) ever so slightly more, I am thoroughly enjoying my first Dior Fluid Stick!

Both 669 Rose Tricheuse and 872 Mona Lisette are limited edition and are available exclusively at Nordstrom for $35.

Have you tried these yet? Help me decide what shade to get next!

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