Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Formula X Nail Polish in Power Source

The Formula X polishes, exclusive to Sephora, have been getting lots of rave reviews ever since they premiered earlier this year (or was it late last year?) I only just managed to get around to picking one up a couple of weeks ago, though. I went for the shade Power Source, described as a 'hot coral'. To me it's slightly more red/orange than coral, but why quibble over such minor details when this nail polish is so fantastic!

Power Source Day 1
I have fairly weak nails so even though I keep them short, they peel and bend a lot. Because of that, nail polish chips on me like crazy, pretty much no matter what I do. Regardless of base coat, top coat, strengthening formula, etc. my nails pretty much always chip by day 2 of a manicure. The notable exception I had discovered to this was the Nails Inc. Gel Effect Polish (the shade St James made it into my May favorites here). I can now very happily add the Formula X polishes to this list!

Power Source Day 7 - No Touch Ups! Added Nails Inc. Richmond Gardens as a ring finger accent
When I first applied Power Source to my nails, the formula was a bit thicker than I would have liked and I had to work to ensure that I didn't apply to much to my nails. Then, my right index finger chipped about 12 hours after I had applied the polish. I immediately assumed that Power Source would go into the pile of polishes that look cute on day one, but that I have to remove immediately thereafter, or else I will look like an unkempt ragamuffin. But then something wonderful happened. None of my other nails chipped. Not at all. Not for 7 days--and possibly longer if I had kept the nail polish on...but I got bored and removed it so I could switch up the color!

In my books, ladies and gents, 7 days for a nail polish is world record-level stuff! I've got so much confidence in the Formula X brand that I've already ordered several other shades (p.s. their shade range is the BEST). I have zero doubt that the Formula X polishes will rapidly infiltrate my nail polish collection: the formula is great, the shade selection is unparalleled, and they are a very reasonable $10.50 each. 

Formula X polishes are available at Sephora.

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