Saturday, 31 May 2014

Milani Brilliant Shine Lipgloss

L to R: Sweet Grapefruit, Rose Blush, Mai Tai

Milani is not a brand I'm normally drawn to, but a couple of months ago I ended up placing a fairly sizeable order for a number of their products. If I remember correctly, I was lured in by a sale (when am I not, quite frankly!) The only item I knew I wanted to get was the Brilliant Shine Lipgloss in Rose Blush, upon the recommendation of YouTuber LisaLisaD1 (side note: I just love her attitude towards life, makeup, and how much positivity she puts out there, especially for other women!). I did end up grabbing Rose Blush, but I also threw two other gloss shades in my bag.

Top to Bottom: Sweet Grapefruit, Rose Blush, and Mai Tai
I ended up with Sweet Grapefruit (a fresh pink shade in a cream finish), Rose Blush (a bright rose with silver shimmer), and Mai Tai (a bronzed orange with gold shimmer). My favorite of the three is Rose Blush, closely followed by Sweet Grapefruit. But all three are pretty shades, especially for summer. 

L to R: Sweet Grapefruit, Rose Blush, Mai Tai
The pigmentation on these glosses is really quite impressive, especially Rose Blush and Mai Tai. If you avoid glosses because of the sticky or tacky feeling that many have, you might want to give these a try, as they aren't sticky on the lips at all. These generally retail for between $5-$6, so they're quite a bargain, as well!

Have you ever tried the Milani Brilliant Shine Lipglosses? What are your favorite shades?

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