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Chanel Le Blush Crème

Chanel Le Blush Crème in Chamade
For years I was under the impression that since I had oily skin, cream blushes were totally off limits to me. I don't remember the first cream blush I ever tried, but I do know that I now much prefer cream finishes to powders! Old wives' tales be damned--oily skin gals can rock a cream blush!

There is just something about the ease of applying a cream blush--knowing that it is not going to be patchy (as some powder blushes are) and that it will give my skin a 'lit from within' radiance that is hard to beat. You'll notice that many of the blushes I rave about are creams, and the Chanel Le Blush Crèmes are amongst my very favorites!

Clockwise from top left: Chamade, Intonation, Destiny
Released in 2013, the first Chanel Le Blush Crème I purchased was 61 Destiny, a beautiful warm 'nude' blush with a pinky undertone. Destiny is a foolproof choice, especially if you are wearing a more dramatic eye or lip. None of the Le Blush Crèmes contain any shimmer or glitter, and the Chanel sales associate recommended using Destiny as a contour. I've only used it as blush, but I do think it could be used as a less orange alternative to the famous Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzer.

L to R: Intonation, Chamade
Chanel's Spring 2014 collection, Notes de Printemps, added two new shades of the Le Blush Crème. I had a really, really hard time choosing between Intonation and Chamade, which look very similar in the pan, so I ordered both! Intonation appears to be a warmer and more muted version of Chamade in the packaging, but once they are swatched and applied, the differences between the two become quite apparent!

L to R: Destiny, Chamade, Intonation
The Chanel Le Blush Crèmes dry down to a powder finish and have excellent lasting power. I normally apply mine with a stippling brush over my liquid foundation. And as you can see, Chamade and Intonation are genuinely different enough to warrant owning both. 

Wearing Intonation 
Wearing Intonation
Chamade is a bolder color, and it's also cooler and pinker. Intonation, meanwhile, is a softer, warmer, more coral shade. Both are beautiful, but if I were forced to choose, I think Intonation is my favorite. I own a lot of cool, bright pink blushes that are relatively similar to Chamade, but Intonation is pretty unique in my collection. And I know that I will wear the hell out of it this spring. 

L to R: a Chanel Joues Contrastes Powder Blush, a Chanel Le Blush Crème
Size-wise, the packaging of the Le Blush Crèmes is smaller than Chanel's powder blushes. The cream blushes don't come with a brush like the powder ones do. Interestingly, there is also no plastic insert or cover over the blush when you first open it. I'm worried that this might lead to the Le Blush Crèmes drying out over time, but so far I have had zero problems. 

For cream blush lovers everywhere, or simply those who are looking for elegant, long-lasting blushes, you should really get thee to a Chanel counter fast! It's also worth mentioning that it all of the Chanel Le Blush Crème shades are labelled as limited edition on It doesn't appear that they are going anywhere soon, but if you are interested, don't wait too long just in case!

Le Blush Cremès are $38 and are available from Nordstrom.

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