Thursday, 23 January 2014

Le Métier de Beauté Creme Fresh Tint in Ginger Lily

Le Métier de Beauté Crème Fresh Tint in Ginger Lily
Le Métier de Beauté is not a brand I hear many beauty bloggers talk about and if they do, it seems to be exclusively about the brand's Kaleidoscope Eye Kits. I've never used any of the Kaleidoscopes, so I cannot speak to those, but I'm not sure why their 'Creme Fresh Tints for Lips and Cheeks' have flown under the radar for so long, as it is probably my all time favorite blush formula!

I had been searching for a cream blush that did not dry down to a powder finish, but would retain a dewiness to it when the Creme Fresh Tints were recommended to me by someone on MakeupAlley. I have no idea who that person was, but I am eternally grateful to them!

The Crème Fresh Tints are housed in a rather plain black package, similar to the rubberized plastic NARS products come in (but the LMdB are much less prone to getting dirty...even though this one is a bit scuffed up). They are supposedly suitable to wear on either the lips or the cheeks, but so far I have only ever tried them on the lips. In my experience, products that claim to work on both the lips and cheeks only really work on one or the other! I think the texture of these Crème Fresh Tints could work on the lips, but I don't think this color would work as a lip tint at all. But even if this product is 'only' useable as a blush, it is more than worth picking up.

In the pan, Ginger Lily is a beautiful warm, dusty peachy shade. Once applied, it is one of those foolproof colors that can do no wrong. I would classify it as one of my nude/neutral blushes--it seems to work with any combination of lip and eye colors. It gives a healthy luminescence to the cheek without leaving any obvious color. It truly offers the most natural looking, glowy finishes I have ever come across. It retains a dewy texture, but even on my exceptionally oily skin it never looks greasy or shiny. Always just beautifully glowy.

Apologies for the blurry swatch, hopefully you get the idea!
I've tried applying this blush with a stippling brush before, but I prefer slapping it on with just my fingers. It applies evenly, blends easily, and even though it stays dewy, it has never interfered with other powder products I've applied (I do avoid putting any setting or finishing powder directly on top of it, though). The lasting power of this blush is also superb, which I find even more impressive since it is such a subtle shade. I normally find blushes that aren't super-pigmented and 'in your face' to not last as long on my skin. That's not the case with this one, however.

You can pick up Le Métier de Beauté products from a number of different retailers, but I've always ordered the Crème Fresh Tints from They offer free shipping and seem to have 20% sales at least once a month. Full retail price is $28, which I would easily pay for this blush...but getting a discount never hurts!

Have you ever tried the Crème Fresh Tints? What are your favorite cheek products? I'm always on the lookout for new lines to try!

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