Sunday, 12 January 2014

Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush #10

Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush #10
My birthday was earlier this month and along with turning another year older came many birthday gift emails from a variety of retailers. The best of these was probably from Giorgio Armani Beauty, who offered a free full sized Gloss d'Armani in 513 with a $50 purchase. A free $29 gloss for spending $50 on one of my favorite brands is not too shabby! 

Being a gloss fiend, I definitely didn't need any more lip glosses, but want is an entirely different matter. I could have reached the $50 limit by stocking up on either the Luminous Silk or Maestro foundations, both of which I love, but I decided to use this opportunity as an excuse to pick up two products that I have had my eye on for months: a lip maestro and a sheer blush. While I knew exactly which lip maestro I would go for, I was a bit lost when it came to the blush.

Unfortunately, there are not a huge number of swatches or reviews of these Armani blushes online (with that said, however, everyone who has reviewed them seems to love them!) so I had to go with my gut, which led me to #10 - Beige. This is the most popular shade from the line and is said to suit everyone. It's allegedly a bit of a chameleon, pulling more peachy on some, pink on others. I fall into the pink camp, which is not a bad thing, but also not precisely what I was hoping for. 

The label 'sheer' is quite appropriate for these blushes, but the color can be built up by adding a few layers. In the pan, this blush is a neutral pink and looks mega, mega shimmery. Once applied, however, the scary shimmer from the pan turns into a luminous glow on the skin. I found that there was no need to wear a highlighter with this blush.  If you are afraid of leaving the house sporting the dreaded clown face, these blushes should be right up your alley as they are almost totally foolproof!

Lately I have been favoring cream blush formulas, but I will definitely be adding this into my rotation. It gives the skin a fresh glow that I desperately need during the winter months. It doesn't have the best lasting power in the game (that would be the Josie Maran Cheek Gelées reviewed here), but it does have exceptionally chic and portable packaging, so bringing it along with a retractable brush for on-the-go touch ups wouldn't be impossible.

Quick side note: apologies for the terribly awkward photos of me. I'm fighting a tough battle when it comes to photographing myself: a) my apartment has terrible lighting; b) I am horribly unphotogenic; c) my skin has decided to have a late 20s crisis of epic proportions (cue the frantic skincare hauling I've been doing).

When I originally picked up this blush, I was hoping for a warmer, peachier tone, but this is nonetheless a beautiful product. I do think that once I pick up a bit more color in the summer, I will grab #4 - Sand for a more bronzy glow, though. 

The Giorgio Armani Sheer blushes retail for $44 and are available on To get the birthday offer of the free Gloss d'Armani, simply sign up for their mailing list (they will also notify you throughout the year of their 20% off F&F sales and of other freebie offers)!


  1. My experimentation with Armani blushes so far has not been very fruitful…have tried 3 colors and they just didn't suit me. This one looks so subtle, feminine and really beautiful!! I'm still on the hunt for a NARS penny lane dupe, but in a powder formula bc creams just don't work as well for me…anyway this one looks similar at least in the pics!!

  2. I used to own Penny Lane back in the day but didn't like it at all, so I got rid of it! It didn't show up on me in the slightest. I'm wearing the GA #10 again today and I must say that I really, really like it. It really does have the most lovely luminous quality to it. The other two neutralish powder blushes that I love are hard to come by these days, but totally worth it if you can find them. The first is Koh Samui by Sue Devitt (all of her blushes, in fact!) and the other is Sugar & Spice by Dior (it's in the old formulation that was just replaced, though).

  3. this looks nice on you! :) I'm having a late 20s skin flareup too. for like... the past year. lol i am almost positive it is hormonal :/ good luck! and i can't wait to see how you like the other goodies you got