Saturday, 14 September 2013

Tom Ford Orchid Haze

Tom Ford Orchid Haze 
When the details about Tom Ford's Fall 2013 collection first hit the interwebs, I originally thought I would pick up the limited edition eyeshadow trip in In the Pink. Once I started reading blog reviews, however, it became clear that In the Pink was less than impressive. The buzz behind Orchid Haze (a permanent addition to the Tom Ford line, by the way) began to build and it was soon clear that I needed this quad in my life. I patiently waited until it hit, where I was able to get free shipping. After paying $78 for this palette, I wasn't about to shell out any more on shipping (I'm looking at you, Saks).

Orchid Haze arrived on my doorstep earlier this week, but due to general life insanity, I didn't have time for more than a quick glance at these four beautiful shades until the past couple of days. But I can safely say that it is a beautiful palette and I am absolutely in love!

Orchid Haze features three shimmery shades (a light champagne, a chocolatey bronze, and a rose) and one matte shade (a browned aubergine shade). This is my first Tom Ford product, so I cannot personally comment on the quality of this palette as compared to others in his collection, but I do know from reading many a review that some of his earlier shadow quads were a bit lacking in quality (and some were downright glittery hot messes). Orchid Haze, in contrast, is fantastic--the texture of the shadows is exceptional and they apply and blend effortlessly.

If you are looking for swatches of each shade, I recommend looking at those offered by CafeMakeup and Best Things in Beauty.

Despite the name 'Orchid Haze' these colors don't pull overtly purple. They do have a bit of pink to them, but to me they are still easily within the neutral family. In the picture above and the one below, I'm wearing the lightest shade (champagne) on the inner half of the lid, with the chocolatey bronze on the outer half, with the rose color under my lashes. I may play around with using the darker shade as a liner in the coming weeks. 

Overall, this was an incredibly decadent purchase, but I am so pleased that I picked this palette up. The quality is outstanding and the colors are beautiful and highly wearable. I'm going to be using this nonstop during the months to come!

Have you picked up Orchid Haze? What color combinations are you using?

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  1. I'm in love with this palette also and am so happy I decided to get it. I've not tried many of his other palettes, except for one. I ordered silvered topaz with orchid haze and the texture is definitely different...drier and not as smooth. This looks so soft and beautiful on you!!! And you have really great you use anything on them??