Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Josie Maran Cheek Gelée

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelée in Pink Escape
I don't normally like to play favourites with my makeup, but if I were forced to choose, I would have to say that blush comes up trumps. I am a blush fiend and I own more than I could probably use up in a lifetime, even if I had four cheeks rather than two (...not those cheeks...no comment). Even for an admitted blush junkie, however, the uniqueness of the Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelée immediately caught my eye.

In the pan, the product looks like jelly--it is completely smooth and very shiny. When I swatched it with my fingers in store, however, I was distinctly unimpressed. It seemed hard to pick up any pigment. I couldn't stop thinking about these blushes, though, and when I began to look up reviews on various blogs and youtube channels, it quickly became apparent that everyone found finger swatches lackluster, but when actually applied, these blushes were stunning! I can confirm that has been my experience with the colour Pink Escape, as well.

No more shiny, jelly texture after dipping in my stippling brush...*sigh*
Pink Escape is a cool toned, vibrant pink that gives a flushed look to the cheek. I've seen various techniques used to apply these blushes, but I decided to use a stippling brush (I used one by Real Techniques, pictured above) and I'm happy with the results. The stippling brush did pick up a lot of colour, though, so go easy at first as this product builds very well if you decide you need to add more colour. The Josie Maran Cheek Gelées retain a dewy, or at least non-matte, finish on the skin--which is incredibly refreshing, as most creme/gel products have a powder finish. This makes it ideal for summer wear, but I plan on wearing this throughout the winter, as well.

Josie Maran Cheek Gelee in Pink Escape
I love, love, loved the look that the Cheek Gelée left (fresh, slighty dewy, blended beautifully into the skin) and it lasted forever. Ok, forever is a slight exaggeration, but when I removed my makeup about 9 hours after I applied it this blush was still going strong. I didn't notice any fading during the 9 hours of wear, which is impressive for a blush a) on my very oily skin, and b) during the hot and humid weather I'm experiencing.

Hand swatch with just one stippled layer -- look at that pigmentation!
Overall, I give the Josie Maran Cheek Gelées a huge thumbs up. I'm loving Pink Escape, and I'm already planning on picking up another in Honeymoon Honey (a neutral brown shade) next time I place a Sephora order. This is a truly unique product and has almost unparalleled lasting powder. It is my first Josie Maran product, but definitely not my last. They are available from Sephora and JosieMaranCosmetics.

Have you tried the Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelées out yet? Are there any other Josie Maran products you recommend?


  1. Blush fiends unite!! ;)

    This is such a lovely color! I've always heard such great things about Josie Maran, but still haven't had a chance to try. I need to get on that. :D

  2. Yes, you should definitely test out these blushes! I was so unimpressed by them in store, but I'm glad I ignored that and bought one anyways!

  3. Great review! This shade is beautiful :)