Sunday, 3 February 2013

January 2013 Favorites

My January 2013 favourites are a few days late, but better late than never, right? I blame my delay (and my lack of recent posting) on the fact that I have been down in Mexico over the past week for my sister's wedding!

Anyways, starting clockwise from the top left here are my monthly faves:

YSL Glossy Stain #13 Rose Tempura: I don't know what took me so long to pick this gorgeous number up, but since I have, I have convinced two other friends to buy it as well! It is a gorgeous, deep yet bright pink with shimmer. It is bold enough to suit wintertime wear, but bright enough that I think it will continue working through the spring and summer months.

Dior Addict Extreme in Incognito and YSL Golden Gloss in Golden Praline: After a winter of colourful lips (see the aforementioned Glossy Stain), I've been obsessed with nude/neutral lipstick/gloss combos lately. I just cannot get enough of them! I've never been much for a 'nude lip' as I equate nude lip with concealer/corpse lip. But it doesn't have to be that way! *cries dramatically* This combo is neutral but sophisticated and definitely does not have a corpse like effect. Incognito can most definitely be worn on its own (it has a stunning shiny finish, like all of the Dior Addicts) but I love the shimmer and added dimension that Golden Praline adds. Plus, my lips tend to turn all lip products bright fuschia--but the brown tones in both of these colours cancel that out. I don't know why it's taken me 27 years to figure that out, but I am now on a brown-toned lip hunt (suggestions welcome!)

Essie Mint Candy Apple: This product has been raved about by beauty bloggers for years, but it's never appealed to me (I'm not a huge pastel fan) until now. It is slightly darker on the nails than in the bottle, and I love the pop of spring colour it has added to the otherwise dreary winter days. All polish chips quite quickly on me, but with a Seche Vite topcoat, Essie polishes last slightly longer than most (2.5 days with no major chips, I'd say). Plus, they have the most beautiful cream finishes, which I am also digging at the moment.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum: I ordered this on a whim in order to qualify for the Nordstrom Beauty Bag at the end of last month, and it has been a god send! As I am entering my late 20s, I'm conscious of developing an anti-aging regime, but I still suffer from clogged pores and the occasional breakout (plus, I'm prone to cystic acne around the chin). Advanced Night Repair has been around forever, so I knew that the formula must be yielding some benefits, but I had no idea how great it would be! I literally slapped it on one night and woke up to dramatically better skin. It calmed down my breakouts and smoothed out my overall skintone and texture. As with all skincare products, what works for one may not work for another, but I cannot see being without this anytime in the future and recomend giving it a go to see if it gives you the same results.

Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation: The opinion on the Maestro foundation seems generally split, perhaps with the balance hanging in favour of the 'meh' camp. Nonetheless, I had a hankering to give it a try, so I headed to my local Giorgio Armani counter. On my first visit, the Sales Associate matched me as a 2 (my skin is NW15-20ish), which would have been way too light. But on my second visit, I was matched to a 4 (I think), which is perfect. I love the incredibly light and natural finish this provides. I do need to spot conceal, and my skin is perhaps not as flawless-looking as with heavier foundations, but I adore the way it looks and feels on my skin--like I'm not even wearing any foundation! It does cling to dry patches, but this is one area where my oily skin has paid off--dry patches aren't really a problem for me. As with skincare, I find foundations to be incredibly personal, so perhaps pick this up after testing out a full-face or, if that isn't an option, order from a store with a good return policy (like Nordstrom).

Whew! That's it for now....what were your favorites over this past month?

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