Sunday, 20 January 2013

Dior Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice...

DiorBlush in 849 Sugar & Spice

My default blush setting is bright! I have a naturally tendency to select blushes that are highly pigmented and in the pink or red family. However, as my love affair with blush has developed over the years, I have begun to expand my focus to corals, peaches, and--gasp--nudes!

Lately, I've been craving a bronzey rose-type of colour (I have the limited edition Chanel Fandango in mind. Alas, it is nowhere to be found but ebay). After perusing my local makeup counters, I decided to try Dior's Sugar & Spice. 

L: Left side of blush pan; M: Right side of blush pan; R: Mixed together
This is my first Dior blush and I think it is a great choice! Like the other shades in the DiorBlush range, this features two colours, one matte and one shimmery. The matte shade is a warm mid-tone brownish rose colour, while the shimmer side is a lighter bronzey tan also with a hint of pink.

Mixed together, these shades create a beautiful, glowing blush. It isn't overly shimmery like many NARS blushes can be and it has a lovely buttery finish that blends beautifully.

Dior Sugar & Spice with flash
Sugar & Spice isn't that pigmented, so I did have to go over my cheeks a few times to get the opacity I wanted. Bear in mind, however, that I probably like to wear more blush than the average bear! The overall effect of Sugar & Spice is an incredibly polished and natural look. I paired it with a touch of Chanel Notorious as a contour and Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone as a highlight. I completed the look with a neutral eye and a mauvey lip (Chanel Extrait de Gloss in Merveille, which I reviewed here). 
Dior Sugar & Spice in Natural Light
Dior Sugar & Spice retails for $42.00. Available at

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