Saturday, 22 December 2012

Travel Bug

Beijing, China

I consider myself an exceptionally fortunate person for having been able to travel fairly extensively throughout my life. When I was about 20, I set myself a goal of reaching all seven continents by the time I was 25. That date has come and gone, and I haven't quite made it to all seven, but I have been to Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. Antarctica, Australia, and South America: I'm coming for you next!

Inis Mor, Ireland
Travelling gives me a joy like little else in the world--I love seeing new places, experiencing new things, meeting new people. And as a listmaker, I love being able to tick more places off of my 'To Visit' list. I truly wish that the majority of Americans did not shy away from international travel so much--or leave it for college students and retirees alone.

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada, USA
On a personal level, I have noticed that I have begun to spend lots of money on miscellaneous things I don't need. Such little items provide instant gratification, but they don't enrich my life like travelling does. So, on of my resolutions for 2013 is to limit these purchases and put funds away so that I can continue to indulge in my travelling habits. Each year I try to go to three countries that I have never been to before. In 2013, I will be going to Mexico for the first time (for my sister's wedding), but the other two countries are currently undecided....I am thinking perhaps Iceland and (fingers crossed) Ghana!

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