Saturday, 22 December 2012

Starting Back Up

Snow in London, circa 2009

I haven't written a new blog post since April of this year. I've hardly even looked at this blog during that time--and even made the blog private for a while--partly because I've been busy, partly because I am not sure how I feel about having my face out there in the world given privacy and work concerns (even though I am aware that few people will ever view my little blog).

But I love reading blogs and I love the idea of having my own. So, as I've been sitting in the warmth of my parents house, enjoying a holiday break, I've decided to jump back into blogging. My life has been (and continues to be) fairly hectic, but I'm hoping that starting back up blogging will be a way for me to unwind--and to work on my photography skills, which are still a bit lacking!

If you were to look through my old posts, you would see that my focus has been exclusively beauty items until now. My love of cosmetics and skincare continues unabated, but I would like to expand the scope of this blog to also cover fashion, perhaps (fingers crossed) travel, some DIY, fitness, and general life style and things I enjoy!

Oliver, a new kitten addition
Please accept this kitten photo as my first offering of my post-break blogging life.

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