Sunday, 23 December 2012

A Timeless Timepiece

<img src="watch.jpg" alt="Daniel Wellington Classic St Andrews Lady Watch">
Daniel Wellington - Classic St. Andrews Lady

I've been wearing one of the ubiquitous Michael Kors watches for a couple of years now and I feel I am ready for a change. I am an every day watch-wearer and have opted for a silver watch with a metal band since I was probably 12. This Daniel Wellington watch is about to change all of that.

<img src="St Andrews.jpg" alt="St Andrews cathedral">

The brand is based on the idea of being "gentlemanly, yet relaxed and unpretentious at the same time," which is an aesthetic that appeals to me. Now entering my late 20s, I want to look polished, yet effortless. Available at, the watches range in price from $175 to $229, depending on strap and face size.

<img src="St Andrews.jpg" alt="St Andrews Sallie's Quad Snow">
There is absolutely no doubt in my mind whatsoever what model I will be getting: the Classic St Andrews Lady. St. Andrews is where I went to uni, you see, and it was four of the greatest years of my life. With the Classic St. Andrews Lady on my wrist, my uni memories will never be far from my mind!

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