Sunday, 12 February 2012

Review: Burberry Lip Glow Lip Gloss in Hibiscus

Part of Burberry's Spring 2012 collection, Burberry Lip Glow Lip Gloss in No. 13 Hibiscus is available at Nordstrom for $27.00

Burberry Hibiscus in natural light
I know that I have already raved about this product, but I wanted to do a swatch to show you guys how it looks on the lips. This is easily, hands down my favorite lip gloss of all time--and I love glosses, so that is saying something. It is a gorgeous bright pink (somewhere between a raspberry and a watermelon, on me at least) but the color is sheer enough that it's not garish or overwhelming on the lips. This is a perfect bright statement lip for someone who is trying to look effortless and chic (aka the look I attempt to achieve every day--like I'm not trying).

The formula is super smooth and applies evenly. It is quite hydrating on my lips and lasts about an hour and a half on me, which is standard for glosses (I have a tendency to purse my lips together when I'm thinking, so lip products always have a shorter life on me than most). And unlike many, it's not at all sticky but it does have a strong floral scent (it smell exactly like Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Stretch mascara to me). I love the scent, but those of you who are very sensitive might want to avoid this.

It's got a standard doe foot applicator, which I personally prefer over a brush. The color is pigmented enough that you might want to think about wearing a lip liner, but it's not a necessity. I never wear lip liner, so I skipped it and the results were still good! Another reason I adore this gloss is it's lack of shimmer or sparkle. Those finishes certainly have their time and place, but sometimes I feel they look a bit childish. This, however, just gives a beautiful glossy sheen without any of the distracting sparkle. It truly lives up to its 'Lip Glow' name.

Hibiscus is now part of Burberry's permanent line and is available online and in select stores now!

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