Wednesday, 15 February 2012

NARS Mexican Rose Lip Pencil

NARS Lip Pencil in Mexican Rose and Eyeshadow in Lhasa

After holding strong for weeks, this weekend I succumbed to the allure of NARS Spring 2012, mainly inspired by this post by Messy Wands. It is rare that I am so influenced by the pictures of a blogger--normally, I form an opinion about what I want and just look at swatches to confirm the color is indeed what I am looking for. This might be safer for my mental health, as that saves me from trying to attain the level of beauty and perfection that a lot of beauty bloggers are able to achieve. But here I threw caution to the wind and ordered the lip pencil in Mexican Rose and eyeshadow in Lhasa.

In any case, these two beauties were dropped off at my house this afternoon. I already had a full face of makeup on, but I simply could not resist trying out Mexican Rose.

The color is a brighter, more fuschia shade rather than the rose I was hoping for (and that has shown up in other bloggers' swatches). I blame this on my pigmented lips--everything ends up fuschia on me! Nevertheless, I am currently in lust with this lip pencil. It goes on incredibly smoothly, not to mention that there is no need for a lip liner (unless you want one). The color is ultra-pigmented and the finish veers towards glossy, which is always a great thing in my book! And so far it hasn't settled into any lip lines, plus it already has a reputation for having a long lasting stain. I'll certainly keep you posted on its longevity.

Mexican Rose Lip Pencil Closeup

I can see the color suiting both fair complexion, such as my own, but also those who are medium and darker. And it gives a pop of a fresh color that reminds me of spring, but is still very winter appropriate! All in all, exceptionally gorgeous. Well done, NARS.

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