Wednesday, 15 February 2012

NARS Lhasa Swatch Comparison

NARS Lhasa has just landed on my desk, but I haven't had time to do a proper trial run yet. However, I did quickly pull out two other shadows to do a quick comparison of swatches (advanced apologies for their slightly blurry quality...something is going on with my DSLR and I think I need to have it repaired!)

L to R: NARS Ondine, NARS Lhasa, Chanel Safari

Lhasa is in the middle, and as you can see, it is cooler and more grey-toned than Chanel Safari, which is a brown-based taupe shade. NARS Ondine is on the left, and it is both a bit darker and more red/purple than Lhasa. Ondine also has glitter/sparkels which the other two lack.

If you are a neutral love like me, there is more than enough room for all of these shades (and many, many more) in your collection!

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