Friday, 17 February 2012

February Beauty Army Kit

Beauty Army has continued to impress me this month with my second Beauty Army Kit (you can look at my first month here). The company just launched in January and distinguishes itself from the other sample subscription services on the market by allowing you to choose which samples you would like to have in your box (you get to choose up to 6 samples from a selection of 9, which are based on your profile). In addition to this, what makes Beauty Army stand apart is the value of their box. The samples I have received so far have all been 'deluxe,' meaning that they are on the large side, as far as samples go.

February Beauty Army Kit

This month, I chose to receive the following:
  • Mama Mio Boob Tube Bust and Neck Firmer
  • Control Corrective Medicated Pumice Wash
  • Strivectin SD Concentrate for Wrinkles and Stretch Marks
  • Indie Lee Body Scrub in Coconut & Citrus
  • LaRocca 24k Gold Cleanser
  • Weleda Iris Hydrating Facial Lotion

I am actually quite excited to try out the Mama Mio Boob Tube Bust & Neck Firmer. I am intrigued to see if it lives up to its promises, and I wonder how comparable it is to Lush's Lovely Jubblies cream. 

Indie Lee Body Scrub
I'm also looking forward to trying out the Indie Lee Body Scrub, which is a sugar scrub with a delicious citrus and coconut scent. The sample is a very generous size, enough for multiple uses--which isn't always the case with samples! 

I am slightly more apprehensive about trying the LaRocca 24k Gold cleanser. Using 24k Gold on my face certainly sounds appealing, but the smell of this bad boy is less than ideal. Kind of medicinal (definitely not as delicious as my Pumpkin-scented LaRocca sample from last month, which I was tempted to eat it smelled so good....) but I'll give it a chance nonetheless. 

I'll keep you posted if there are any standouts from my selection from this month. In the meantime, if you are interested in signing up head to

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