Thursday, 26 January 2012

Recent Failures in the World of Nail Polish

Ok, maybe failure is too strong of a word. Maybe disappointment is more appropriate. Semantics aside, I have recently bought two nail polishes that look gorgeous in the bottle, but are decidedly disappointing on the nail.

Fash Pack by butter London
The first polish was Fash Pack by butter London. It's an unusual neutral color, a mushroomy taupey brown, that is a bit lighter but within the same family as my all-time favorite polish: Mink Muffs by Essie. The main difficulty I had with this polish was that it was a bit sticky/gunky straight out of the jar. And as a brand new polish (and fairly pricey at $14), this is unacceptable. Nonetheless, I gave application of the polish a fair shot but it was streaky and chipped easily (despite my base coat and use of my trusty top coat, Seche Vite). Hmph. Not what I was hoping for out of my first foray into butter London polishes.

Sharp Tailoring by Ciaté

Knowing that my base coat was quite old, I decided to blame the poor performance of the polish on that. So when I got my next new polish, Sharp Tailoring by Ciaté, which is a light putty gray with a hint of shimmer (or an 'oyster beige' according to Ciaté) I decided to switch base coats. However, much to my disappointment, this too went on streaky and lumpy in a few patches. And despite putting it on in the evening (and being very careful) by the next morning, there was already one chip!

Sharp Tailoring on my nails
I am going to give both of these polishes another try before completely writing them off--maybe I need a new base coat, or maybe the weather is playing tricks! Either way, I've heard both brands spoken of so highly, maybe I've just had some bad luck! I also bought a new OPI polish this week and maybe the third time is the charm....

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