Saturday, 14 January 2012

Poppy King for Boots No7

Poppy King for Boots No7
When I first heard that Poppy King, the Lipstick Queen, was going to be doing a line of lipsticks and glosses for Boots, I knew that I absolutely must try them! Being in the US at the moment, this meant that I would have to buy them at Target.....unfortunately, despite having looked at three Targets in two different states, I was unable to find them in person. So, I decided to take the plunge and order them off of, primarily based on swatches from Karen at Makeupandbeautyblog.

L to R: History, Power, Confidence
Coming in at a very affordable price ($9.99 a pop), and getting free shipping for spending over $25, I decided to pick up three lipglosses (in History, Power, Confidence) and two lipsticks (in Allure and Intrigue).

L to R: Intrigue, Allure
Both the lipsticks and the lipglosses are right up my alley as they are all incredibly wearable--and fairly sheer--shades. For those of you who are looking for highly pigmented lipcolor, some of these shades may not do it for you. But for day-to-day wear, I think these will be fantastic!

Confidence Lipgloss
Confidence: A quiet, nude shade that Poppy King describes as being about "inner peace." This really enhanced the natural shade of my lip and, of course, left a gorgeous glossy sheen. My favourite of the bunch!

Power Lipgloss
Power: Inspired by the Great Depression in the 1930s, this color is meant to bring out your personal best. On me, this color is a cool, rosy pink with a hint of a deeper berry shade. This would be a nice shade to bring a bit of color to your lips, without being too in-your-face.

History Lipgloss
History: This red shade is the most pigmented of the bunch, but I still think it would be a great shade for anyone who is a bit apprehensive about wearing a bold red lip. It does lean more towards the warm side, but I think cooler skintones (like mine) could also easily wear this shade. 

Allure Lipstick
Allure: This peachy shade inspired by the 1960s is the warmest shade I purchased, and unfortunately, I don't think it suits me. With that said, the shade itself is lovely--a bit sheer, with a gorgeous lustre finish. I think it would be a great daytime lip, or worn at night with a smokey eye. 

Intrigue Lipstick
Intrigue: This shade is inspired by the feminism and liberation of the 1970s, and is a pinky brown shade. I can't explain exactly why, but to me this is a perfect shade to wear when you want to look polished and professional, but also like you aren't trying too hard!

Overall: I was really impressed with the wearability and quality of this line, especially given its affordability! None of the products felt drying on my lips, and they all applied easily and evenly. Factoring in the adorable polka dot packaging, I'm sold! So, if you have a Target (or a Boots for those in the UK) nearby, I suggest looking for these shades in person. Or for the slightly braver, you can order online at


  1. Ooooh I want these. Our Target never has anything good, so I doubt we will have them. I may have to check them out online. Thanks for posting!

    1. No problem! It seems like a lot of people are having trouble finding them in stores, so I hope these swatches help!