Saturday, 24 December 2011

Shimmer & Sparkle

Benefit Watt's Up

My latest makeup obsession is undoubtedly highlighters. Cream, powder, high end, low end--I love them all! During the winter months (read: pasty, dull skin due to lack of sun) a highlighter becomes an absolute essential for creating a healthy, dewy look. However, striking the right balance can be tricky...choose the wrong highlighter and you'll end up looking like you smeared Elmer's Glue all over your face and dipped it in a tub of craft glitter!

For me, the goal of a highlighter is always to provide a subtle luminescence, rather than obvious chunks of glitter on my face! I have oily skin to begin with, but if that applies to you as well, don't let this scare you away from highlighters! In fact, it is exactly because I have oily skin and usually wear a matte-finish foundation that a highlighter is an absolute must to keep my face from looking flat!

In order to (hopefully) help you avoid the beauty faux pas of having a highlighter that leaves chunks of glitter on your face (a look only suitable for the 10 and under crowd), here are some swatches of my favorite highlighters side by side!

L to R: Benefit Girl Meets Pearl, Benefit Watt's Up, Dior Amber Diamond

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl is a liquid highlighter and is definitely the coolest toned of the three. I find that it gives a slightly pinky, pearl-finish highlight to the skin. A little goes a long way, here! Benefit Watt's Up is the latest addition to my collection and, as you can see, it is very similar to Dior Amber Diamond. However, Watt's Up is a cream formula that comes in a stick (like the NARS Multiples), while Amber Diamond is a powder. But both give off a warm, champagney shimmer. These two are definitely my favorites of the moment for the warm glow they give to my skin!

L to R: Benefit Watt's Up, Dior Amber Diamond, MAC Petticoat MSF, Urban Decay
Eyeshadow in Sin, Physicians Formula Mineral Glow Pearls in Translucent Pearl
Of these shades, the Physicians Formula is definitely the most sheer (this swatch was done quite heavily and even then, you can hardly see it). Petticoat is the pinkest of all of the highlighters I own and definitely needs to either be used with a light hand or used in place of a blush! Sin is actually an eyeshadow color (and one that I use often!) but it also serves as a gorgeous highlighter! It has a slight pinky undertone, while still being very subtle and natural!

What is your favorite highlighter? Leave your suggestions for ones I should try out in the comments below!

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