Friday, 23 December 2011

Bubblegum Disaster

Physicians Formula Happy Booster
Blush in Pink
In early 2011 I was pleasantly surprised by the Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blushes, which in addition to being generally adorable with their heart shaped design, gave a luminescent, natural color and smelled of violets! They are also infused with natural plant extracts which supposedly mimic endorphins and provide a mood boosting effect. As soon as I saw these on display, I was sold hook, line, and sinker!

Physicians Formula
Happy Booster Lipstick
in Rose.
Physicians Formula, which I find to be both high quality and innovative, has now released two new Happy Booster Blushes, along with Happy Booster 2-in-1 Bronzer Blushes and Happy Booster Lipsticks. Needless to say, I plunged right in by picking up a blush in the shade 'Pink' and a lipstick in 'Rose'.

First, the bad news. The lipstick is awful. It applied to my lips unevenly and immediately settled into lines. And that doesn't even begin to address the frosty, bubblegum monstrosity that was the color. The only pleasant aspect was that it, like the blushes, smelled of violets. However, that is simply not enough to redeem this product. It was also offered in the shade 'Nude,' which I might try...but it looked like it had the color of concealer when I looked at it in the package, so I might skip it as well.
Physicians Formula Happy Booster Lipstick in Rose.
Somehow it photographed nicer than it actually looked, but I'd recommend giving this a miss. 

However, all was not lost as the Happy Booster Blush in Pink is a keeper! The most noticeable difference between the previous blushes was that it had a small overspray on one portion of the blush which was a bright pinky shimmer, but it was gone after the first swipe. The color is a cool, but vibrant pink with just a hint of shimmer.

L to R: Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush in Pink, Maybelline Bouncy Blush in Pink Plum

I unfortunately do not have my other Happy Booster Blushes (in 'Rose' and 'Natural') at the moment, so I swatched Pink next to one of Maybelline's new Bouncy Blushes, in the color Pink Plum. Pink Plum is definitely a warmer, petal pink than the Physicians Formula. In addition to being a cooler and brighter shade, the Physicians Formula also has a better color payoff than the Maybelline blush. 

Maybelline Bouncy Blush Pink Plum
And for those of you who have yet to try the new Bouncy Blush, I can say that it is the most unusual texture I have ever experienced in a makeup! It feels like a cross between Play Doh and a Sponge--it's incredibly malleable to the touch, but has a bit of resistance. It is definitely not a powder but it dries to a powder finish, but also doesn't have the consistency of a normal cream blush. Color me baffled as to how this product came into being!

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